What Our Alumni Are Saying

I have taken two of Tom's classes. They were outstanding! Highly recommend To as an instructor. - Mike K

Thanks for the great [RSO] class. Let me know when you are running another one I will spread the word. - Dustin D

I just want to thank you; you did an excellent job with our class. I learned a lot and appreciate your commitment to the training I can tell it is a passion for you. - Mark C

Tom you did a great job teaching the [RSO] class. You are a huge asset to [West Walker Sportsman's Club]. - Jerry K.

I greatly enjoyed the course and do have a couple of friends who have expressed interest in the past to attain a CPL. I can confidently recommend the course to them. - Doug C

"You guys are a blessing. I appreciate your dedication and service more than I can say." - Mark P

"I want to thank you personally for teaching us safety and pistol use. The class has me interrested in pursuing this further, and it opened my eyes to the lies of the media." - Kathryn B

"Spectactular instructor ... never shot before and now have confidence to purchase and shoot." - Brianna M

Thanks again, Tom, for a great class. - Rick R

"Thanks Tom. I wouldn't change a thing with your class!" - Jason B

"I felt very comfortable asking questions" - Anita C

"Thank you for the class. [My son] and I had fun." - Steven C

"Great Class" - Jeff S

"I really enjoyed the class very much! I loved the range practice! You guys were all great and much fun." - Mirta C

"It was such a pleasure to take your class and I left with confidence and awareness of what is necessary to be a pistol owner." - Suzy W

"Both [my] girls enjoyed their first experince" - Sheila M

"Your delivery style was easy to learn from and follow." - Norman C

"To the red Tom and blue Tom, You both did a fantastic job teaching this class stressing the important facts" - Roger K

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