Frequently Asked Questions

How can I extend my MCRGO membership from the class?

You can easily extend your MCRGO membership by completing the form and mailing in a reduced price payment of $20. This will keep you informed with the weekly email updates, continue your access to the "ask a lawyer" section of the website, as well as get information about fun events like the Fall Firearms Festival.


Do I need to know how to use a handgun before taking a class?

You need no experience for our introduction to the pistol classes; we will even supply the firearms for your use. For the MCRGO Pistol Safety and Carry class you should at least be capable with a handgun, though we will work with you to reach the level of proficiency required by law. For the Perosonal Protection Inside The Home class it is expected that you are familiar with handguns and are able to shoot competantly. Range Safety Officer candidates are expected to be familiar with multiple types of longguns and handguns.


Do you use a lawyer for the legal instruction?

Yes. We use only Michigan attorneys who are practicing law in the field of firearms. This ensures that you have accurate information, and that it is delivered in compliance with state law and NRA training requirements. The MCRGO Pistol Safety and Carry class uses a video of the same lawyer and we make available to you, at no extra fee, the ability to "ask a lawyer" , through the website, any questions that you have after watching the video.


Can my child attend the class with me?

We allow students age 14 and over for all classes and will custom tailor classes for private instruction to reach younger audiences to ensure that they learn firearm safety.


After the class are you available for questions?

Absolutely. We give you our email contact so you can ask us your followup questions. We are always willing to guide you to expand your knowledge of firearms and your rights.

Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.


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