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Tommy Guns Training provides a wide selection of courses and seminars. We have something for everyone, young and old, new and returning students.

Tommy Guns Training offers a $10 discount on all classes to our valued military veterans. Members of West Walker Sportsmans Club get special pricing as part of their club membership so be sure to specify your level of membership on communications to us.

Class Overview

Name     Session Length Prereq Tuition  Details
MCRGO Instructor Workshop 16 Hours MI CPL, MCRGO CPL Class $300 NRA or USCCA instructors do not need the MCRGO CPL class pre-req
Michigan-specific Concealed Pistol License Class 10 Hours None $115 Satisfies requirements for Michigan CPL.

Private classes available at same price.
Advanced Pistol Carry 10 Hours CPL, handgun basic proficiency $200 Advanced carry techniques, significant time on rage shooting from holster draw, behind cover, with tactical movement.

Introduction To Handguns

8 Hours





Covers safety, function, and use of hanguns as well as relevant Michigan law

Range Safety Officer 8 Hours Basic handgun and longgun skills $150 Teaches range safety, event operation, and safe gun stoppage resolution. Students are certified as NRA range safety officers.
AR-15 / M4 6 Hours AR-15 basics and use $150 Teaches you how to disasemble, clean, modify, and shoot your AR-15 or M4 platform rifle.
Legal update 2 Hours Michigan CPL $25 Satisfies the legal knowledge portion of the Michigan CPL renewall process.
Private classes Varied None Contact for pricing We willcome to your home and provide a class on any aspect ofhandgun use. Introductory classes, Michigan CPL classes, or home firearm safety for children.

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